2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog: Courses in Business (BUSN)

Course Description Prefixes

Course Description Definitions

BUSN 1101. Introduction to Business and Professional Development. (3)  Prerequisite: Belk College of Business major with less than 35 hours earned.  Fundamentals of business, including accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, international business, management, management information systems, and operations and supply chain management.  Other topics related to professional development include: career planning, business etiquette, oral and written communication, networking, and professional presence.  (Fall)

BUSN 2000. Topics in Business and Economics. (1-3) Current topics from business and economics.  May be repeated for credit as topics vary with permission of student’s major department chair. (On demand)

BUSN 2400. Business Honors Internship. (1-3)  Prerequisites: Sophomore, junior or senior students in good standing in the Business Honors Program, and the completion of INFO 2130 or equivalent. Requires permission of Assistant Director of the Business Honors Program. May be taken for repeat credit with different companies for up to a maximum of three (3) semester hours of credit. Provides a meaningful work experience, appropriate for the level of completed coursework of the student. Requires 50 hours of supervised employment for each credit hour of academic credit.  Requires a summary paper describing the business issues and processes learned through the experience. Internship proposals may be initiated by the student or by the Director or Assistant Director of the Business Honors Program.  Students should consult with the Director or Assistant Director of the Business Honors Program in advance of registration to verify acceptability of work experience. Proposal forms must be completed and approved prior to registration.  Graded on a Pass/No Credit Basis. (Fall, Spring, Summer)

BUSN 3780. Business Honors Seminar. (3)  Prerequisites: permission of the Assistant Director of the Business Honors Program. Exploration of current topics in business and the methods of research appropriate to them.  Development of research project proposal for Business Honors Thesis (BUSN 3790). (Spring)

BUSN 3790. Business Honors Thesis. (3) Prerequisites: BUSN 3780 and permission of the Assistant Director of the Business Honors Program. Honors project directed by Business Honors committee or assigned faculty member.  One faculty contact hour per week and independent research. (On demand)