2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog: Courses in Engineering (ENGR)

ENGR 0600. Engineering Freshman Learning Community Seminar. (0)  Required for all residents of the Freshman Learning Community (FLC).  The FLC has three goals: build community with students, faculty, and engineering professionals; learn about the engineering disciplines; and learn how to be a successful engineering student.  The seminar offers workshops, site visits, and other activities.  May be repeated for credit. Graded on a Pass/No Credit basis.

ENGR 1201. Introduction to Engineering Practices and Principles I. (2)  Corequisite:  MATH 1241.  An introduction to the different disciplines within engineering; the college‚Äôs computing system; academic, personal and professional development; teamwork; project planning; engineering design; engineering calculations; and oral and written communication skills within a multi-disciplinary format.

ENGR 1202. Introduction to Engineering Practices and Principles II. (2)  Prerequisite: ENGR 1201 with grade of C or above.  Additional prerequisite for mechanical engineering majors:  MATH 1241 with grade of C or above.  Corequisite: ENGR 1201 with permission of department.  Applications in the disciplines of Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and Systems Engineering using tools and techniques specific to the major.  Emphasis on analytical and problem solving skills and understanding of the profession/curriculum. 

ENGR 1241. Engineering Analysis. (3)  Prerequisites: Engineering major and an appropriate eligibility level of mathematics placement, MATH 1103 with grade of C or above, or placement by the department.  Elementary functions, derivatives and their applications in engineering problems, introduction to definite integrals in solving engineering problems. May not be taken for credit if credit for MATH 1241 has been given.

ENGR 3095. Leadership Academy Capstone. (0)  Prerequisites:  Admittance into the Leadership Academy program.  Participants apply leadership, teamwork, ethical decision-making, communication, and strategic planning principles learned during prior semester Leadership Academy modules to a community-based service learning project.  Implementation and evaluation of projects are approved by Leadership Academy staff and advisory board members.  Graded on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis.

ENGR 3210. Senior Design Laboratory I. (0)  Corequisite: Senior Design I.  Laboratory experience to facilitate team interaction and mentor instruction in the multidisciplinary capstone experience. May be repeated.

ENGR 3220. Senior Design Laboratory II. (0)  Corequisite: Senior Design II.  Continuation of Senior Design I Laboratory to facilitate team interaction and mentor instruction in the multidisciplinary capstone experience.  May be repeated.

ENGR 3290. Fundamentals of Engineering Review. (1)  Prerequisite: Senior standing.  Review of the basic engineering and science material covered on the Fundamentals of Engineering examination, the first step toward professional licensure. Graded on a Pass/No Credit basis.

ENGR 3295. Multidisciplinary Professional Development. (1)  Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing per departmental requirements.  A series of multidisciplinary and disciplinary seminars and activities designed to introduce students to basic concepts of professionalism in engineering. Topics include: global, societal, and contemporary issues of current interest such as leadership, entrepreneurship, ethics, cultural diversity, and professional licensure.

ENGR 3590. Engineering Cooperative Education and 49ership Experience. (0)  This course is required of Co-op and 49ership/service 49ership students during the semester they are working.  Acceptance into the Experiential Learning Program by the University Career Center is required.  Participating students pay a course registration fee for transcript notation (49ership and Co-op) and receive full-time student status (co-op only).  Assignments must be arranged and approved in advance.  May be repeated.  Graded on a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis.  Only open to undergraduate students; graduate level students are encouraged to contact their academic departments to inquire about academic or industrial internship options for credit.  For more information, contact the University Career Center.

ENGR 4090. Special Topics. (1-4) Directed study of current topics of special interest. May be repeated for credit. (On demand)