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Graduate Catalog | 2016-2017 
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ITIS 8520 - Network Science

Credit Hours: (3)

Network Science helps students design faster, more resilient communication networks; revise infrastructure systems such as electrical power grids, telecommunications networks, and airline routes; model market dynamics; understand synchronization in biological systems; and analyze social interactions among people. It examines the various kinds of networks (regular, random, small-world, influence, scale-free, and social) and applies network processes and behaviors to emergence, epidemics, synchrony, and risk. This course integrates concepts across computer science, biology, physics, social network analysis, economics, and marketing.

Prerequisite(s): Full graduate standing or permission of department.
Cross-listed as: DSBA 6520 , HCIP 6520 , and ITIS 6520 .

Most Recently Offered (Day): Fall 2013
Most Recently Offered (Evening): Fall 2015, Fall 2014

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