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Graduate Catalog | 2016-2017 
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ITIS 6400 - Principles of Human-Computer Interaction

Credit Hours: (3)

An introduction to Human-Computer Interaction practice and research. Topics include: the perceptual, cognitive, and social characteristics of people, as well as methods for learning more about people and their use of computing systems. The process of interface design, methods of design, and ways to evaluate and improve a design.  Highlights a number of current and cutting-edge research topics in Human-Computer Interaction and is a balance of design, sociological/psychological, and information systems elements.

Restriction(s): CCI graduate standing or permission of department.
Cross-listed as: HCIP 6350 .

Most Recently Offered (Day): Fall 2016
Most Recently Offered (Evening): Fall 2015, Spring 2015, Fall 2014

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