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UWRT 1102 - Writing and Inquiry in Academic Contexts II

Credit Hours: (3)

Students develop an extended inquiry project that integrates materials from varied sources and includes writing in multiple genres. Students write, revise, edit and reflect on their writing with the support of the teacher and peers. Students also immerse themselves in a conversation about a topic through reading, questioning, and process writing. Polished writing might assume the forms of presentations, reviews of research, essayistic arguments, or multi-media and web-based projects. Students learn to distinguish rhetorical contexts, practice different conventions, and develop positions in relation to research. They also adopt digital technologies to network, compose, and/or critique and disseminate their work. Grades are derived primarily from portfolios that include work generated throughout the term.

Prerequisite(s): UWRT 1101  or equivalent credit via AP English Language score or transfer credit.

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