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    University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  Dec 17, 2017
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Reading Education, Minor

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A Minor in Reading Education requires the completion of 18 credit hours of specialized coursework.  This program is designed for students already seeking initial license in another content area who wish to gain expertise in reading methods in the K-12 public school setting.  

Admission Requirements

Students interested in pursuing a Minor in Reading Education must be approved for admission to the minor by demonstrating a GPA of at least 2.5, obtaining a grade of C or above in all professional courses, and meeting statewide teacher education program admission requirements.  Advising and admission to the minor are administered through the Office of Teacher Education Advising, Licensure, and Recruiting (TEALR).

Declaring the minor also requires admission to a major or minor in a subject area for which there is teacher licensure (Elementary Education, Special Education, Secondary or Middle Grades Education, Foreign Language Education, etc.).  After declaring the minor, advising is offered through the Department of Reading and Elementary Education in collaboration with advising in the student's major department.  The minor is designed to be coordinated with Junior and Senior level coursework in the major.  Successful completion of the minor and passing licensure testing requirements leads to a recommendation for North Carolina add-on K-12 license in Reading.

Minor Requirements (18 credit hours)

Elective Courses (9 credit hours)


ENGL courses may be taken prior to admission to the minor.

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