Aug 03, 2021  
Undergraduate Catalog | 2015-2016 
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Systems Engineering, B.S.S.E.

Degree Requirements

A Major in Systems Engineering leading to the BSSE degree consists of 123 credit hours. 

Restricted Elective Courses (12 credit hours)

Science Elective Course (3 credit hours)

The science elective must be chosen from an approved list of physical, life, or earth sciences and must complement the student’s overall educational plan.

Technical Elective Courses (9 credit hours)

Select three 3-credit hour courses from a list of approved Technical Electives available from the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management.

Concentration Courses (12 credit hours)

BSSE students can select one of the following optional concentrations areas by the end of their Sophomore year.  Students who are not enrolled in a concentration can take any four of the Systems Engineering Technical Elective courses to fulfill their BSSE degree requirements.

Degree Total = 123 credit hours

Suggested Curriculum

For a suggested curriculum progression toward completing the major, please see the Academic Plan of Study available online at